Using Puppets in Storytime
Particularly if you don't do puppets

Orem Library's Growing Great Storytimes Workshop
May 2015

Part One:
Steffani Raff's Mix-up Monkey and Singing Sea Dragon Diva

Part Two:
Q and A with Steffani

Part Three:
Mark Pulham's Primary Pup

All Hands on Deck:
A Puppeteer's Guide to Storytelling

We watched
Paige: What do you mean I'm a puppet! 

What monster?

Uhmm . . . . Ahhahhhahahahhhhhhh!

We made

We played

And fun was had by all

Interested in more? 

The OPL will be doing monthly Puppeteering Workshops

June 22, 2012  Friday 10:00 a.m.
July 20, 2012 Friday 10:00 a.m.
August 17, 2012 Friday 10:00 a.m.

Call 801-229-7161 for more information
Check the Calendar at


All Hands on Deck:
A Puppeteer's Guide to Storytelling

Saturday May 12, 10:00 a.m.
Orem Public Library, Storytelling Wing 

Puppet Workshop
Come one, come all! 

Expert Puppeteer Mark and puppet addict Amy will be on hand to show you how to make the best use of your hand, at least puppet-wise.

Starting at 10:00 a.m. sharp, Mark will present:

Once Upon a Time, a puppet show for all ages

Following the show everyone will get a chance to learn some basic puppet skills with their very own set of puppet eyes (free supplies are available for the first 72 registrants). This simple make and take will help you sail on to puppet manipulation success even after you leave the workshop.

After some simple exercises, accompanied by a lot of fun, a few volunteer beginners will have an opportunity to show off their new-found puppet skills. Too shy to be a volunteer? Now worries mate, the resulting show is guaranteed to be a boat-load of laughs.

So don’t be a lily-livered landlubber, this is one program you won’t want to miss! Children and Adults are invited to this hour-long interactive puppet show and workshop. And let's bring your puppets to life!

Register at the Children’s Desk or by calling 801-229-7161.

See you there!

p.s. Last minute attendee? Not in the first 72? No problem, a veritable plethora of puppets will be on hand(s). Soon, you too will come to see the magic that can be had whilst playing with puppets


There's More than One Way to Spin a Tale
Part Two

In order to give our volunteers more options in attending, we usually present each workshop twice. Although we stayed true to the overall theme this go-round, the programs were different. Each day had different storytellers sharing their ideas. Thursday evening was more nursery and traditional tale day and Saturday was more Folk and Fairy tales.

Following are some more brave souls who not only prepare incredible story and laptimes for our children's programming, but also shared their ideas with adults--fellow storytelling adults no less!

Michelle is wonderfully creative and a long time favorite, forever pulling something new out of her bag, here Michelle has not only crafted some bees for the kids to handle, but has has a new tune to Here is the Hive!

Danielle, the amazing Googler who is continually bringing in fresh and new ideas, even if she has to make them up herself. Here she shows us how she does The Waves in the Ocean.

...end it on a high note!

Don't let Jeralyn's quiet demeanor fool you! She can capture an audience's attention like no other. One would be wise to follow her lead. Watch her deflect any quibbles and turn even the shyest toddler into a happy participant with just a few tips found in this video of Five Little Monkeys.
Tips: Only 5 Monkeys? 40 kids?

Let's see it in action

Already in high demand (we steal her from another library that actually pays it's storytellers) Lori is one of those enthusiastic tellers that turns every storytime into an event you never want to forget.

p.s. Go to the American Fork Library and watch Lori on a regular basis. You will not regret a minute of it!

Our own Amanda, storyteller turned librarian, always there with innovative ways to create something new from unique sources! Here she adapted from the German folktale The Three Butterfly Brothers accompanied Yo-Yo Ma's Classis cd; O'Connor's Butterfly's Day Out.

 . . . and in the words of Ginny, twirling and dancing her way out,  "Before you are a butterfly, you have to feel the flutter inside."


There's More than One Way to Spin a Tale
Part One

What an inspiration our fabulous volunteer storytellers are!

Invitations went out
RSVP's were collected
Books were pulled for display
Snacks were prepared (Fruit, Cookies and fresh Lemon water)
Program was printed
Nametags prepared
Display put up

And we are ready to go

The following are a few video selections of our storytellers showing the the rest of us a little of what they do in story or laptime for variety, because, as we all know - there is more than one way to tell a tale!

First, Louisa got everyone up and rocking to a different beat  . . .
Any little kiddie piano that has a few different beat rhythms will do. Just start the music and get your groove on. A microphone for amplification is helpful.

Tell a familiar tale in tandem with another teller and some home-made puppets . . .
Cindy and Kathy write puppet shows in rhyme and can often be found performing in the Puppet Show are of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival as well as at the Orem Library.

Adapt a full-length production into a 10 to 15 minute storytime fit for the three and four-year-old in all of us . . .
Brenda, a former teacher, used to do the entire opera for her school. Now she's uses that expertise for the library's littlest patrons. Buy the book and music at

Know another language? Have another talent? Mix the two . . .
Barbara is one of our longtime bilingual (Spanish/English) storytellers, and hey, she can play the accordian!! Oh, and another good sign for a storyteller, if kids start popping into the storywing --and staying-- you know you've got them. You can hear that this is exactly what started happening in this clip.

Want to really have some fun? Grab those puppets again, a favorite book and practice using voices . . .
Mary has great fun with character voices! She did say that for an actual storytime she would have the book memorized. It's not very easy to turn pages whilst handling puppets ;)

Time for a confession - I messed up. There are 2 more videos that have, well, some issues.

I love them though! If you are up to, it - - go ahead, click on through and see some more . . .

These 2 videos were accidentally shot SIDEWAYS! 
YouTube now lets you edit your videos, you can now watch without getting a crick in your neck ;)
If you have an ipad, just set it down and view it from the right angle. If you have a laptop, stand it on it's end. Sorry all you desktop users, maybe you can lay down for this one, or do some yoga . . .

ToriAnn's White sheep and Black sheep sock puppets are the best!
A true teller  is that someone who can wing it and make people laugh in spite of any 'mistakes'! The mistakes often become my favorite parts. 

Play against expectations! Do the unexpected. Have fun with the kids :)
Mary (and Cheryl the Moon- use a real kid for a storytime) are doing more than having fun, they are teaching some key concepts too!

I want to thank all our wonderful volunteers that spend countless hours preparing for storytime and laptime - and then, to top it all off, we ask them to come perform for ADULTS--other storytellers no less--AND video them!! Our volunteer storytellers truly are the best and we couldn't even begin to do what we do without them.

And that's all until tomorrow!