Saturday, February 9, 2008


Wide as a Rainbow with lots of Splashing Colors!

Welcome to Laptime! Are you ready to learn all about colors?

I see someone is wearing Orange today.
And someone is wearing Blue.
Is anyone wearing Green? There you are, green!
How about Pink, Purple, Brown?
And there it is, I see Red!
~just name a variety of colors that kids are wearing, there is no particular colors you need to find, have fun welcoming everyone in.

Mary Wore A Red Dress
Slap thighs to the beat

Mary wore a red dress, red dress, red dress
Mary wore red dress all day long

Mary wore a red hat, red hat, red hat,
Mary wore a red hat all day long

Mary wore her red shoes, red shoes, red shoes,
Mary wore red shoes all day long

Mary wore her red gloves, red gloves, red gloves,
Mary wore her red gloves all day long

Mary was a red bird, red bird, red bird,
Mary was a red bird all day long


Alternate idea:
substitute kids names and a color they are wearing


What colors do you like best? Do you know how to sign the colors?
~take children through the ASL signs for the colors

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See? by Bill Martin

What else has lots of colors?
I know one of my favorite things.
It's big, it's huge, it's a...


Hmm, I think we need to MAKE a rainbow

And guess what, you are in luck today!
I just happen to have the finest of rainbow-making ingredients with me

~rummage around in 'mystery' box, oops, there you can see a bit of ribbon- hide it quick!

Wait! Stop!

BEFORE we can MAKE a rainbow, we need to remember what the COLORS are!

Do You Know the Colors of the Rainbow?
from Rachel Coleman's Signing Time - Use the ASL signs for each color

Do you know the colors of the rainbow
Do you know the colors of the rainbow
There's Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue

Did you know that there is a tiny rainbow in every bubble. You just have to very very gently, try to catch one...

Here I get a Bubble Making Machine and start them up...
available for 10$ or less every summer at Target, or just use regular bubbles from a bottle

While the bubble machine is starting up sing:

One Bubble, Two Bubbles, Three Bubbles

One bubble, two bubbles, three bubbles top
Four bubbles, five bubbles, six bubbles hop
Seven bubbles, eight bubbles, nine bubbles pop
Ten bubbles floating down, time to stop!

Look! There's a bubble! I got one!
I'm thinking that we need rainbows that last longer, those bubbles pop way too fast.

Do you know what else makes rainbows, big huge rainbows?

Rain! You are right!

I think we need a rainstorm! Let's make a rainstorm right here, right now!
...Follow me, do as I am doing

Making a Rainstorm

Tap fingers together

Do I hear the pitter patter of some raindrops?
Listen closely

Clap softly

Oh, I do think it is going to rain

Clap loudly

It IS raining!

Slap thighs

Wow, it's really getting wet out there

Stomp feet

My, oh my, I'm glad I'm not outside right now!

~now reverse, add a commentary as you go:

Tapping fingertips together, and...

Oh, Oh,
reach into box, hold the suspense...

Look! We've got rainbows!
hand out rainbow ribbon sticks to all the children

I see Yellow,
I see Red
I see Orange
I see Blue
I see Purple
and I see GREEN!

All the colors of a rainbow!

Here they are! Our very own rainbows!

Rainbow Ribbons
Play some classical music and lead the children in a twirling swirling ribbon dance

(each ribbon is made of 2 popsicle sticks with a long ribbon that is glued between the sticks)


Storytime Book Ideas:

Spicy Hot Colors by Sherry Shahan
~get into the rhythm! This is a fun one to hand out shakers with

I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh

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