Friday, July 17, 2009

Tai Chi anyone?

An interesting concept...

I recently had an amazing conversation with a patron, Helen. It was right during a Laptime and somewhere in the conversation she made the connection with the fingerplay 'We are Clothes in the Washing Machine' and the Tai Chi move titled 'Washing Machine'. (insert lightbulb click here)

What about using Tai Chi as inspiration for some fingerplay movements?

Suddenly Helen and I were like little kids ourselves, coming up with ideas and looking up Tai Chi books for more inspiration!

Now I have to admit, I've never taken Tai Chi.

I do know Tai Chi is slow deliberate movements and under it all they are 'warrior' based movements. This kind of action does not suit a Laptime. But, not unlike using American Sign Language, I can take bits and pieces, adjust them for use with the littlest of our patrons, and do what I do best - have fun with it!

A big THANKS to Helen C. for her enthusiasm and inspiration!

... sometimes there are not words to accurately describe things. I think 'fingerplay' is not the BEST word to describe my kind of Laptimes... got to think, what SHOULD they be called? Ideas anyone?

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