Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OPL 2009 Workshops

Putting It All Together

November 12, 2009 7:00 pm @ the Orem Public Library
~ all are welcome
This is just a quick post on our upcoming Storyteller Training Workshop!
“Putting It All Together” with ToriAnn Perkey

Having trouble organizing your Storytimes or Laptimes? Worried about running out of material or trying to cram everything in? Practice putting together old favorites in new and creative ways, while getting help and sharing advice with your fellow storytellers.

Refreshments (including chocolate!) will be served.

Please call the main Children’s desk, 801-229-7161 to RSVP by November 10th.

We are in the process of planning workshops for next year as well, so if you are interested in learning a specific skill or topic, or are interested in offering a workshop, please let Kim, Amy or Cheryl know. Some sessions we are considering include new storytelling resources, both print and electronic, nonfiction storytimes, and a more in-depth puppetry and puppet creation workshop.

Thank you for your amazing creativity, boundless energy, and dedicated service to the Library and our favorite young patrons. We simply could not do it without you!

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rora said...

Ugh! I would have loved to come! But I have a class......fart!