Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Most Eggs-cellent Storytime

Eggs-tra! Eggs-tra! It's time for some of Mark's Eggs-traordinary, Eggs-centric Easter Storytime Ideas!

Let's go on an Egg Hunt!
Shhhhhh . . .

An Egg is Quiet by Dianne Hutts Aston
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We're hunting wabbits, er, I mean eggs.
Shhhhh . . .

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, We'll catch an egg and

Wait a minute, wait a minute! Eggs don't have legs!
They can't run from us!
But they DO hide from us, let's see, where would we find an egg?

I see something, do you see, look,
over on the other side of the bog, a tree,
and in that tree, let's row out and see . . .

The Rattlin’ Bog
Traditional as performed by Golden Bough

Oh, row, the Rattlin’ Bog; the bog down in the valley.
          ~row, row, row motions
Oh, row, the Rattlin’ Bog; the bog down in the valley-o.
In that bog there was a hole, a rare hole and a rattlin’ hole
the hole in the bog and the hole in the bog
andthe bog down in the valley-o.

        In that bog there was a tree. . .
            ~stand with arms at your side, like a tree
       On that tree there was a branch. . .
            ~arms up and out for a branch
       On that branch there was a bough. . .
            ~turn palms up
       On that bough there was a nest. . .
            ~cup hands for a nest
       In that nest there was an egg  . . .
            ~one fist in a cupped palm

Hold on here. There's an egg. In a nest. Hmm.
What do you think it's going to do?

Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman
OPL Link
As you introduce this, make an envelope bird puppet Unobtrusively color the beak part.
Show them that the egg was nice a round, like this (draw one of the eyes) until, craaaack (karate chop the break in the envelope - and tada! You have a little talking beak) "Are you my mother?"

Go out into the audience and find the cat the dog and the horse etc. (it's just unsuspecting kids).
Have all the other kids make beaks with their hands and repeat after you, "Are you my mother?"

What about this little egg over here? What is it doing?

Ollie by Olivier Dunrea
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The Chick that Wouldn't Hatch by Claire Daniel
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What an awesome egg that Eggbert is, I like his attitude!

Odd Egg by Emily Gravett
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Wait for it... Mark's ending is perfect for sharing at storytime!

Except If by Jim Averbeck
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Well now, what do you think about that?
There really are all kinds of things to be found in eggs!

Can I have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!?
by Lois G. Grambling
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YIKES!!! A tyrannosaurus? I don't think so.
Well, let me tell you a story . . .

One time there was an egg,

Egg-napped! by Marisa Montes
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Golly gee whopper! What a story.
Hmmm, that reminds me about another egg,
a Gollywhopper egg that ended up in the hands of a traveling salesman...

The Gollywhopper Egg by Anne F. Rockwell
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What do you know? That was one tricky salesman!

I think I've had enough eggs for now.
Thank you for coming and have a great day!


There is a lot more than half an hour's worth of material in this post - so pick and choose, cut out some egg-shaped papers for the kids to take home and color but most of all . . have fun!

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MelissaZD said...

I love Rattlin' Bog! Thank you for the idea to use it in an Eggs storytime!!!