Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Storytelling Workshop - Second

There's More than One Way to Spin a Tale
Part Two

In order to give our volunteers more options in attending, we usually present each workshop twice. Although we stayed true to the overall theme this go-round, the programs were different. Each day had different storytellers sharing their ideas. Thursday evening was more nursery and traditional tale day and Saturday was more Folk and Fairy tales.

Following are some more brave souls who not only prepare incredible story and laptimes for our children's programming, but also shared their ideas with adults--fellow storytelling adults no less!

Michelle is wonderfully creative and a long time favorite, forever pulling something new out of her bag, here Michelle has not only crafted some bees for the kids to handle, but has has a new tune to Here is the Hive!

Danielle, the amazing Googler who is continually bringing in fresh and new ideas, even if she has to make them up herself. Here she shows us how she does The Waves in the Ocean.

...end it on a high note!

Don't let Jeralyn's quiet demeanor fool you! She can capture an audience's attention like no other. One would be wise to follow her lead. Watch her deflect any quibbles and turn even the shyest toddler into a happy participant with just a few tips found in this video of Five Little Monkeys.
Tips: Only 5 Monkeys? 40 kids?

Let's see it in action

Already in high demand (we steal her from another library that actually pays it's storytellers) Lori is one of those enthusiastic tellers that turns every storytime into an event you never want to forget.

p.s. Go to the American Fork Library and watch Lori on a regular basis. You will not regret a minute of it!

Our own Amanda, storyteller turned librarian, always there with innovative ways to create something new from unique sources! Here she adapted from the German folktale The Three Butterfly Brothers accompanied Yo-Yo Ma's Classis cd; O'Connor's Butterfly's Day Out.

 . . . and in the words of Ginny, twirling and dancing her way out,  "Before you are a butterfly, you have to feel the flutter inside."

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