Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Storytelling Training Tips
Orem Public Library Children’s Services

November 2011

Crash Course in StorytellingDear Storytellers,

Thank you so much for wonderful Laptime and Storytime programs in October. What a rewarding part of our day to see the kids and families sparking to the stories, songs and activities you provide for them.

As rewarding as storytimes can be, there are challenges. This month I’d like to share a few tips about dealing with disruptive behavior. These ideas come from the book Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals by Penny Peck (OPL Link). You all handle disruptions very well already, so we hope this newsletter will be a nice review of things you already understand.

 o As library staff we know one of our roles during storytime is to . . . (read more)

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Anonymous said...

I look for children who are doing what I like and praise them for it. Immediately the others notice and follow along.

"thank you so much for sitting during the story"

"You are all singing so well even the librarians in the front can hear us!"

"Look at how you are doing the actions! Do you want to stand by me and show everyone?"

"You all know this song! I think you know it even better than me. I am going to be quiet so I can hear you....". Etc.

Positive recognition of desired behavior helps to not offend anyone and makes for a happy experience for all. Which is what being at the library is all about!

~ Alison