Wednesday, May 23, 2012

David Novak Research . . . and inspiration

This is just a 'research' kind of posting, an insider's look at what goes on inside my head, well, a peek anyway, along with some video for inspiration . . .

Many years ago David Novak came to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. I watched.I laughed. I enjoyed. And then I filed it away in my brain.

As we prepare for the upcoming June 22 Puppetry workshop, I started to remember David's skill at incorporating particular 'items' in his storytelling. Hmmmmm

And so, it begs the question:

What happens when you take a dash of David, mix it up with some puppetry and toss it in the air?

Shall we find out?

(p.s. I apologize David if you see that I've dredged up what might be some old youtube links.If anyone wants to see how amazing David is now - make sure you look up his most recent videos, or better yet - - go see him in person at a festival!)

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