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Jumpin' Jammin' Jungle Time Laptime

Note: I've recently discovered that if you hold back some of the display books and as you begin your storytime, start setting the books up with a one-liner comment about how awesome that book is . . . the payoff? All your display books get checked out!

Also -- if you have a partner behind a stage, have a bug pop up behind you, you'll know when. Or have an assistant make chirping sounds at timed intervals. If you are alone, you can just pretend to hear these pesky--silly--bugs

Listen . . .
Do you hear it?

Boom. Boom. 
(Use a drum! Hold each boom for a whole note)

   it's an elephant, in the Jungle. Can you hear it?

Puh, Puh, Puh, Puh
(hold each puh for 2 counts-a 1/2 note)

   A lion, I hear the lion's feet, padding puh, puh... do you hear the lion's feet?

Eee-Eee Eee-Eee, Eee-Eee Eee-Eee
(1/4 note)

   It's the monkeys! I hear monkeys!

Chi-chi-chi-chi,  Chi-chi-chi-chi,  Chi-chi-chi-chi,  Chi-chi-chi-chi,  
(1/8 note)

   the Cicada's have come out, do you hear those big silly bugs?

Do you think there are lots of bugs in the Jungle? 
 Oh, I do think so! 

What animals do you think live in the Jungle?
(I like to point to the animals I have set up: Oh, the elephant, and the lion! There, there I see a ssssnake. Or, look here, a big old Rhinoceros! Oh, that's not a Rhino, it's a Hippo? Now we are down in the water with the Hippopotamus, I think I see a shark! No? There's no sharks in the Jungle? I think you are right. But, here, here is the alligator and the giraffe and even a bear. Are there bears? Of course there are bears! You've never heard of Baloo from the Jungle Book! ;)

Down in the Jungle 
(Have children slap their knees or clap to the rhythm of the chant)

Down in the jungle
With the beat in your feet
Think of an animal
That you'd like to meet
That you'd like to meet ______!
(point to a child, what animal would they like to meet? A little direction is sometimes needed, ie: point to the Monkey animal/puppet you have there.)

A (Monkey)? A (Monkey). She wants to see a (Monkey)! 
 (Have the children imitate a monkey--vocally and physically. Repeat with different animals. Screech, growl and roar! p.s. this is a great indoor activity for rainy days that teaches not only animal sounds but large motor skills)

What's that? I hear something again . . .
Oooh, it's those noisy bugs again!  
(Said with anticipatory relish, build the tension . . . ) 

No, No. It's not bugs! It's a cranky monkey
(or save this one for when you hear a little one crying or fussing ;)

 What Do You Do with a Cranky Monkey
(I modified the tune What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor for this one)

Oh what do you do with a cranky monkey,
What do you do with cranky monkey,
What do you do with a cranky monkey,
Early in the morning?

Heave Ho and up he rises,
(lift baby up high on the 'Heave Ho')
Heave ho and up he rises,
Heave ho and up he rises,
Early in the morning.

Take him in your arms and tickle him all over,
Take him in your arms and tickle him all over,
Take him in your arms and tickle him all over,
Early in the morning.

Heave ho and up he rises, 
Heave ho and up he rises,
Heave ho and up he rises,
Early in the morning.

Now what is it I'm hearing this time?
No, no, not yet . . .
It's that Elephant!


An elephant goes like this and that,
 (Move arms, wrists together back and forth like an elephant's trunk)
He's terribly big and he's terribly fat!
 (Show just how big he is with your arms on either side of you)
He walks on his fingers, and he walks on his toes,
 (Wiggle those fingers! Point to those toes!)
And goodness gracious, WHAT A NOSE!
 (ASL sign for Elephant)

Whew, I'm glad that Elephant was a friendly ol' chap. He could have squished us like a bug!

What is it with these bugs?!!
You aren't afraid of bugs are you?
You are!??
You say they give you the creepy crawlies?

Criss Cross Applesauce 

Criss cross applesauce
(draw an X on baby's back)
Spiders crawling up my spine
(fingers crawl up baby's spine) 
Cool breeze
(blow on baby's neck) 
Tight squeeze
(give a hug) 
Gives my baby the sillies!

Ah, but I LOVE bugs!
...particularly eating them!
(ok, so maybe you don't want to take it THIS far! LOL! Instead of eating them--with relish (pun intended)--just like them ;)

I Like Bugs  
(from Let's Play Music)

I like bugs, every kind of bug I see.
I like the big ones and the bad ones,
And the fuzzy purple fat ones.

People think they are yucky,
But I just don't agree.
No. You can't bug me! 


More Ideas


There Was an Old Monkey Who Swallowed a Frog by Jennifer Ward

No More Kissing! by Emma Clark
OPL Link

I'm a Little Monkey
(Sing to I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little monkey in a tree
I swing my tail so merrily
I can leap and fly from tree to tree
Having lots of fun you see.

I'm a little monkey
Watch me play
I munch on bananas every day
Lots of monkey friends to play with me

We all have fun up in the tree.

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Five little monkey's swinging in a tree
Teasing Mr. Alligator, "You can't catch me. You can't catch me."
Along comes Mr. Alligator, as quiet as can be and...
Snatched that monkey right out of that tree!

Four little monkeys . . .

Banana! by Ed Vere
OPL Link
Bananas of the World Unite!

Form banana, form form banana
Form banana, form form banana

Peel banana, peel peel banana
Peel banana, peel peel banana

Shake banana, shake shake banana

Shake banana, shake shake banana



I Dream of an Elephant by Ami Rubinger
OPL Link

A Great Big Elephant
(Sing to Itsy Bitsy Spider)

A great big elephant
(walk hunched over with a trunk swinging in front of you)
Went out to play
Down came the rain
(rain fingers)
And then he couldn't stay
But up came the sun
(sun arms)
And dried up all the rain
And the great big elephant
Went out to play again.
(repeat the elephant walk)

One Elephant by Sharon Lois and Bram

One elephant went out to play
On a spider's web one day.
She had such enormous fun,
She called another elephant to come.

Two elephants went out to play . . .


Hippo. No, Rhino! by Jeff Newman
OPL Link


Giraffe's Can't Dance by Giles Andreae
OPL Link


Poor Little Bug on the Wall

Poor little bug on the wall,
No one to love him at all,
No one to blow his nose,
No one to tickle his toes,
Poor little bug on the wall.


Animal Crackers
(sing to 99 bottles of ...on the wall)

Oh once I ate a lion
And then a tall giraffe
But when ate the elephant
He really made me laugh!

Now you might think I'm fooling
But I will tell you true
They were animal crackers
And you can eat them too!
I'm So Hungry

I'm so hungry
I'm so hungry
Yes I am
Yes I am

I could eat a lion
Without even tryin'
Yum Yum Yum
(continue with silly suggestions from the kids)
Just One Bite by Lola Schaefer
OPL Link

Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter
OPL Link

If You're Happy and You Know It: Jungle Edition by James Warhola
OPL Link

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
OPL Link

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