Monday, March 11, 2013

Pin-teresting Libraries

I'm a librarian, and I know how I use Pinterest, but that raises the question, how are other libraries and librarians using Pinterest?

Here is a link --to a set of links-- of already compiled articles. 

As for how I use Pinterest, I wonder if my usage data quite fits what a normal librarian would do, or not?

I've yet to get a chance to read all the linked articles, but I do hope there are some like individuals that are crazy all-over-the-board, their-hands-(and minds)-in-all-kinds-of-pies, kinda-over-the-top-hyper librarians out there that use Pinterest, and other media, in the same way I do:


Fabric Arts (ideas for our annual fund-raiser)

Laptime and Storytime

I also hope there are some golden nuggets of ideas that inspire me to go even further. Now that's the true treasure to be found online in general, and Pinterest in specific: Idea inspiring, mind blowing, super data storage basing Pinterest.

Ah, the inspiration!

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