Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mama's Mothers and Monsters

What do Mama's Do? 
Actually, what doesn't a Mama do?


My mother read me stories.
Does your mother read you stories?

I know Hazel has an amazing mother, let's see what Hazel's mother does . . . 

But, what if you get scared?

What If?
by Frances Thomas

What if you are afraid of  . . .  of . . . oooh, it's too scary to think, but what if . . .  it isn't just your imagination?

What do you think your mama would do if there were scary things outside?

Goodnight Lulu
by Paulette Bogan
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Whew, I'm so glad that worked out so well for little Lulu --and those pigs! What a Mama!

But what if your mama's a MONSTER?

Monster Mama
by Liz Rosenberg

Wait a minute, if your mama's a monster, that means . . . that YOU are KID-MONSTERS!
(ha ha -- wink at the mama's in the audience!)

 . . . and what do you think kid-monsters are most afraid of?

The Monster Bed
by Jeanne Willis
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Heavens, that was a surprise! Humans hiding under the bed! What will they think of next? Don't you know that humans aren't real? :)

Well so long little monsters, thank you for coming to storytime today, take good care of your mother's and we'll see you next time!

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