Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bouncy Bounce and Baby

Bouncy Bounce Baby Laptime

courtesy of our volunteer storyteller EJ

These are Baby’s Fingers

These are baby’s fingers,
   (Show baby their fingers)
These are baby’s toes,
   (Show baby their toes)
This is baby’s belly button,
   (Point at baby’s belly button)
Round and round it goes!
   (Add a bit of a tickle to the round and round)

Let’s Go Riding in an Elevator

Let’s go riding in an elevator
Let’s go riding in an elevator
First floor
   (Lift baby up one ‘floor’)
Second floor
   (Lift baby up another ‘floor’)
Third floor
   (high . . . )
Fourth floor
   (higher . . . )
Fifth floor
   (highest . . . stand if you have to )
   (and down down down)

This is the Way the Baby Rides

This is the way the baby rides,
   (Bounce baby on your knees )
The baby rides, the baby rides.
This is the way the baby rides,
So early in the morning. 
This is the way the farmer rides…
   (Bounce baby a bit faster)
This is the way the jockey rides…
   (Bounce even faster)

I Bounce You Here

I bounce you here, I bounce you there,
   (Bounce child on one knee)
I bounce you, bounce you, everywhere.
   (Bounce child on other knee)
I tickle you here, I tickle you there,
I tickle you, tickle you, everywhere.
   (Tickle EVERYWHERE!)
I hug you here, I hug you there,
   (Hug and … just maybe tickle)
I hug you, hug you, everywhere!

Bumpy Road

Smooth Road, Smooth Road.
   (‘Roll’ baby over gentle hills on your knees)
Bumpy Road, Bumpy Road.
   (Bump baby on your knees)
Rough Road, Rough Road.
   (Now add the tickle for a rough rough – but be gentle J)
Uh-Oh! A hole!
   (‘Drop’ baby into a ‘hole’ created by opening your knees)

I’m Bouncing
   (Jumping for toddlers, bounce on parent’s lap if younger)

I’m bouncing, bouncing everywhere,
I bounce and bounce into the air.
I’m bouncing, bouncing like a ball,
I bounce and bounce, then down I fall.
   (Collapse down to the ground)

Bounce Your Baby

Bounce your baby up,
Bounce your baby down,
Bounce your baby to the side,
Bounce them all around.
Tickles on their shoulder,
Tickles on their head,
Tickles on their tummy,
Now hug ‘n kiss to bed.

End with bouncing balls for everyone

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