Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hi everyone!

Guess what I just found...
(I can't believe it, it's been out since November and I missed it somehow?!)

Yep, you guessed it, there is a



Here, take this link, have a listen and you too will be HOOKED ;)

Make sure you listen to these, my favs!

Gorilla Song by Sha Na Na
~Perfect to go along with Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann, Bananas of the World Unite!, and Hungry Monster by Phyllis Root

Your Nose by Neil Sedaka
~Add it to the 'Move it Baby' list

LOUD!/Quiet by Michael Ford
~Can you say LAPTIME? Great learning song for the little ones - maybe make signs that you hold up to go along with the song, as it does go a bit fast for the little ones.

Rabbit Tango by Patti LuPone
~Team this one up with Emily Gravett's Wolves and you've got the start of a great Elementary (and older) story set.

Oh, and I have to add that I love Your Personal Penguin by Davy Jones, Blue Moo '62 by the Sparklets, When a Hippo Can Dance by Keith Boynton, Speed Turtle by Brian Wilson, oh Heavens! Just add them all! And I thought Philadelphia Chickens was unbeatable!

Just in case you've missed Sandra Boynton & Crew's other titles ...

...make sure you click these titles, some of my particular favorites:

Philadelphia Chickens
Cows sung by The Seldom Herd
Snuggle Puppy sung by Eric Stoltz
Fifteen Animals sung by John Stey
Be Like a Duck sung by Keith Boynton
Belly Button (Round) sung by The Heath Sisters
Pig Island sung by Scott Bakula

Rhinoceros Tap
Horns to Toes sung by Adam Bryant
Perfect Piggies sung by Adam Bryant
Tropical Island sung by Adam Bryant
Horns to Toes sung by Adam Bryant

p.s. I really need to re-listen to Dog Train, I do know that there is quite a following among the little boy crowd for this one.

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