Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What FUN! The Orem Public Library is starting a Storyteller workshop series.

Check it out on the Arts Council calendar here

These workshops are specifically designed to further develop our wonderful storytime and laptime volunteers. Don't get me wrong, these tellers are already FABULOUS people, the creativity, the ideas, the energy, the love for books, music and fingerplays that they have. It's truly a wonder to see this many dedicated people in our community who monthly prepare and present fabulous story & laptimes for our community.

The workshops are being held so that we can all get together, share our ideas, methods and inspiration and maybe come away with new ideas, a renewed sense of enthusiasm and oodles of new story and laptime resources to try out.


We've had our first workshop and I am already hard at work implementing some of the suggestions and ideas!

One of the things I have created is a
Laptime & Storytime Discussion Group!

~The group is open to public viewing

~Only registered OPL Storytime and Laptime volunteers may: messages
.....view the member list
.....create pages
.....upload files

To be added to the member list:
click here
scroll down a bit
click on "Send email to the Owner"

Please use Storytime or Laptime in the subject of your email.
I'll get back to you asap. Now remember, currently I do this on my days off so give me a day or two to get back to you.

What I would like to see happen is active discussions on storytime and laptime ideas. A sharing of information, resources and inspiration. While I am not the most computer literate of librarians, I will strive to do my best to help anyone interested with creating their own blog, posting on the discussion group and uploading files.

I also plan on having a photo list of all the supplies available for our storytellers to use. I've got to figure the best way to do this. Currently I'm thinking it needs to be a page on the website - comments are welcome.

I would love to see our Teller's have their own Storytime and Laptime blogs. Just think of being able to direct parents and caregivers to your blog for a list of the fingerplays, songs and books you used in your program. Think of the future; podcasts, an online storyteller circle of links, more!


If you are interested in becoming an OPL Volunteer Teller, come to the Orem Public Library, watch a few Storytimes and Laptimes. If would still like to be a volunteer, see us at the Children's Desk for the paperwork.

If circumstances prevent you from being an Orem Library Volunteer or you don't live anywhere near Orem, Utah - Please feel free to view the blog, website and discussion group for ideas & inspiration.

As I've said, I'm all about bringing people and information together, helping the kids of today grow up literate and educated and having fun while doing it.

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