Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy in the Barnyard

Moo, Neigh, Gallopy-Trot and Away we Go!

Let's go visit the barnyard!
~I like to play some warm-up music, my favorite is Cows from Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton
...cows, we're remarkable cows...

Barnyard, Barnyard
- this is a song I learned from Let's Play Music
- I cannot recommend taking these classes enough, if you have preshool-aged kids it's the best!
This song works great with a hand clapping beat.

Barnyard Barnyard
All around the barnyard
Here the cows say
Moo Moo
~clap clap


All around the barnyard
Moo Moo
~clap clap

Animals are talking
Moo Moo
~clap clap

Even though it sounds like
Moo Moo
~clap clap

Just a lot of squawking!
~shrug shoulders, hands up

Bababababababa ba
~pat your legs fast, then move back into clapping beat 'Barnyard, Barnyard'

Now do it again, but with each of the other animals and their sounds

- oh, in the music classes you use different rhythms for the sounds, like...

Squeaky squeaky squeak squeak (mouse)
~clappy, clappy, clap clap
Hee Haw, Hee Haw (donkey)
~clap clap clap clap
Ba Ba Ba-ba-ba (lamb)
~clap clap clappy clap

Oh, there is Mr. Farmer! He's on his horse and headed out to do the field work,
on his way often he meets other people who are out enjoying a ride...

This is the Way the Farmer Rides

This is the way the farmer rides
~bounce baby in a trot on your knees

The farmer rides, the farmer rides. So early in the morning.
This is the way the farmer rides, the farmer rides, the farmer rides.
So early in the morning.

This is the way the gentleman rides
~bounce baby in an English trot

This is the way the lady rides
~bounce baby in a soft trot

This is the way the baby rides
~bounce baby in a silly, tickly jiggly trot

My goodness, that Mr. Farmer, he sure meets a lot of people out and about.
Well, while he is off gallavanting around the fields,
The Mrs is doing some cleaning!

Time to get the washing started...

We Are Clothes in the Washing Machine
- thanks Allison S!

We are clothes in the washing machine
-make a circle with your arms and wiggle the child inside

We wiggle and giggle until we are clean
Then our mama hangs us up to dry
-lift child's arms up

On a clothesline way up high!

You never knew laundry could be so much fun!
Now, Let's go out in the barnyard with the Mrs; better known as Mrs. Wishy Washy -
It's time to water the garden and feed the chicks - can you turn on the water?

Slowly, Slowly

Slowly, slowly, very slowly,
~ slowly creep fingers from childs feet to the top of their head
creeps the garden snail.
Slowly, slowly, very slowly,
~make sure you pause on the sides of child's neck here - VERY ticklish!
Up the wooden rail

Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly
~and tickle the child all around their tummy!
Goes the little mouse,
Quickly, quickly, very, quickly
All around the house.

Oh, no! Look by the garden!
Cow! Pig! Not you too Duck! What are you doing?

Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley
OPL catalog link
~ Get the book. Memorize the book. Get a puppet cow, pig and duck. Get a washbucket and a brown blanket for a 'mud puddle'. Now have some fun!

Those animals! Well, we don't have time for thier hi-jinks.
A barnyard is always busy.
Let's go feed the pigs and the poultry now.

Suuuuey! Come Pig!

I Had a Little Piggie

I had a little piggie
~hands apart to show a little pig
And I fed him from a trough
He grew so big and fat
~ move hands apart to show he got big
That his tail popped off!
~pop finger out of cheek!

So I got me a hammer
~hold up one hand holding a 'hammer'
And I got me a nail
~hold up other hand holding a 'nail'
And I gave that piggie a wooden tail.
~'hammer' the 'nail' - look of surprise!

Those piggies, they aren't named pigs for nothing!
Time for the chickens now, here chicky, chicky, chick!

Ten Fluffy Chicks

Five eggs
~hold up five fingers
and five eggs
~hold up second hand

That makes ten
Sitting on top is mother hen
~lock fingers together, knuckles up

Crackle, crackle, crackle
~clap hands

What do I see?
Ten fluffy chicks as yellow as can be!
~hold all 10 wriggling fingers

Five Little Chicks Went Out To Play
by Amy White

Five little chicks went out to play,
over the hills and far away.
When the mama hen said,
bawk, bawk, bawk
Four little chicks came waddling back.

Four little chicks went out to play...
(repeat until 'no little chicks' - do NOT do the daddy part yet...)

Oh, no! Where are all the little chicks! Let's see if we can find them...

Where Are My Chicks? by Sally Grindley
OPL catalog link

Well, I can tell you that the next day Mama Duck just called on the Daddy and....

When the daddy rooster said
Five little chicks came waddling back.

Whew, Mama Goose and Mama Hen should keep better track of those little goslings and chicks!
Well, after all that hullabaloo it's Lulu's Mama's job to put little ones to bed at night...

Goodnight Lulu by Paulette Bogan

and a goodnight to you too my chickadees!


Barnyard Song by Rhonda Greene
OPL catalog link

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Josh said...

Excellent ideas! Sometimes the storytime about farm animals get's stale. This will for sure help!