Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scary Scary Monsters!

Hairy Scary Monsters!
Oogily, Boogily Monsters!
Rumbily Bumbly Monsters!


A somewhat scary storytime for 3 year olds and up.
I played Monsters in the Bathroom (OPL Link) on a loop in the 5-10 minutes leading up to storytime.
(Click Here for a Monster Storytime Outline for very large groups --too large to see a book)

(all set up)

Hello everyone!
Can you tell me what you think my storytime is about today?
       Ooh, that's right - MONsTeRS!

How many of you have ever thought there was a monster under your bed? Oh, a lot of you.

Well, I'm telling you. It's just in your imagination.
None of those monsters are real.

Except for Alicia, now her monster was real...

Tell Bill Harley's
Alicia and the Little Monster
from the CD One More Time (OPL Link)

...I’m a little monster, with some fancy shoes!

Jumpy Jack and Googily by Meg Rosoff
(Make sure you point the book down at the kids for a good picture view- this photo just showed the jacket nicely ;))

Who knew? Socks!!

I bet I know who else is scared of socks... black socks anyway...
(whisper) ...your mom

Black Socks
from the CD Monsters in the Bathroom by Bill Harley (OPL Link)
Sing 2-3 times so that everyone can get the tune

Oh, I know another monster - - a terrible monster - -

I’m a Little Monster
(to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little monster short and stout
Here is my tail and here is my snout
When I get all angry hear me shout
Roaaaaar, all run out.

Flannel story

...and don't come back unless I say so!
Play Black Socks from the CD Do it Together by Bill Harley (OPL Link) or Nighty Noodles from the  One More Time CD as exit music.

A sign of a good storytime-- all the kids rushing up to get the books on display

New Monster Books and a Some Old Favorites

Jane and Mizmo by Matthew Armstrong
OPL Link
Always Listen to Your Mother by Florence Heide
OPL Link
What’s Under my Bed by James Stevenson
OPL Link
Socksquatch by Frank Dormer
OPL Link
My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck
OPL Link
My Mama Says There ain’t any Zombies, ghosts, . . .by Judith Viorst
OPL Link
Monsters Eat Whiny Children by Bruce Kaplan
OPL Link
My Creature Teacher by Laura Leuck
OPL Link
Goodnight Little Monster Helen Ketteman
OPL Link
Welcome to Monster Town by Ryan Heshka
OPL Link
Monster Sleepover by Scott Beck
OPL Link
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit by Dick Gackenbach
OPL Link
Monster Bed by Jeanne Willis
OPL Link
I Need my Monster by Amanda Noll
OPL Link
Monster at the End of this Book by Sesame Street
OPL Link
Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Hicks
OPL Link
If You’re a Monster and You Know It Rebecca Emberly
OPL Link

Bill Harley's Stories and songs on CD

One More Time (Alicia and the Monster)

*Okay, I admit it: I am a big Bill Harley fan. You will be too. You can't help it. And, if you ever see that Bill is telling stories anywhere near you - don't miss out! Get your ticket and go ;)

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