Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Shake Out Earthquake Prep for Laptimers

Rockin’ the World
A Toddler's Version of an Earthquake Drill

~A theme specific baby Laptime done in conjunction with The Great Utah Shake Out, the largest earthquake drill in Utah history.
(A light hearted approach to teaching babies and toddlers the basics of Earthquake preparedness.)

Over and Under
Amy's altered version of Open Them Shut Them

 ~ arms round over your head
 ~ tuck hands under your legs
Give a little clap


Fold them in your lap
~ fold hands in lap

Creep them Creep them,
Up and under your chin...
~ fingers crawl up baby's tummy

Now open your mouth wide
~open mouth

But do not let them in!
~hands behind back!

Over Under by Marthe Jocelyn
OPL Link

Do you have PIGGIES?!!! We’ll need our piggies soon.
Let’s warm them up shall we?

Piggies by Don and Audrey Wood
OPL Link
Tell this one like a a fingerplay with a mixture of American Sign Language signs; dirty, clean, cold, hot and just funny finger actions; hands out fingers wiggling madly


Three Little Pigs
. . . or at least Amy’s puppet version

Storyteller:  There once were three little pigs and their house was not big. It was time to move out on their own. 
Now we all know how this story works out; there was the first little pig with his straw, the second little pig and his bag of sticks, and out third little pig with his bricks. And the pigs each built their own houses . . . 

Piggie Works with one Hammer  
~sung to the tune of Johnny Works with One Hammer to 'build' the houses

Johnny works with one hammer, 
 ~Hammer with one hand
One hammer, one hammer,
Johnny works with one hammer,
Now he works with two.

Two hammers
~Hammer with both hands

Three hammers
~Hammer with both hands and one foot

Four hammers
~Hammer with both hands and both feet

Five hammers
~ Both hands, both feet -- and nod head.

Six hammers
~ Both hands, both feet, head -- and careful, don't bite your tongue--stick out your TONGUE

Then he fell asleep!
~ Fall back -- extreme exhaustion ;)
Da Da DUMM!!!

    Wolf: Hello there kiddo’s, Wolfs the name, and Pigs the game.

Storyteller: Er, excuse me, but we don’t allow wolves here
    Wolf: What?? Uhm, well how about this! (eyeglasses with mustache)

Storyteller: No, no. Not good enough. I can still see your big wolf ears.

    Wolf: Well, okay, (TURN AROUND) tada! (has a clown wig on!)

Storyteller: Weeellll, for the purposes of this story, it might just do . . . on with the story

Piggies: (sing) Oh we’re not afraid of big bad wolf, the big bad wolf la la la la la la


    Wolf: Little pig little pig let me come in.

Piggie 1: Not by the hair of my chinny chin. ACK! I have no hair! He’s coming IN!!  I gotta RUN!!!

Storyteller: And what did that wolf do? He HUFFS and he PUFFS (have all the kids help) and blows that straw house in. Good thing that Piggie ran away…to his brother’s house of sticks…


   Wolf: Little pig little pig let me come in.

Piggie 2: Not by the hair of my chinny chin. ACK! I’m too young for a hairy chin! He’s coming IN!!  Let's RUN!!!
Storyteller: And what does that wolf do? Well, he HUFFS and he PUFFS (remember to have the kids help) and blows that stick house in. Good thing those Piggies ran away…to thier brother’s house of bricks…


    Wolf: Little pig little pig let me come in.

Piggie 3: Not by the hair of MY chinny chin. AHA! (Third pig--think Superman stance--has a fake beard on) You ain’t a-comin' in here!

    Wolf: Mary, Larry, and Harry, it’s almost time for our movie to start. 

Don't tell me you forgot about asking me for a ride. 

Silly pigs, it’s a good thing you three have a friend like me.

Silly old Wolf. Sillier Pigs!

Oh NO!  I, I feel a shaking, and a moving and a groovy grooving . . . just like those little piggie houses. What’s happening? I think, I think . . .


(form More Singable Songs by Raffi)

Oh, oh, it’s still a shaking! I think it’s an Earthquake!


~ pretend to get under something--you remember UNDER.

…and HOLD ON!
~ and shake shake shake

and now . . .T I C K L E
 ~‘cause every earthquake drill needs a little tickle.

Grown-ups, I have treated this earthquake drill lightly. 
In reality, earthquake drills are serious and life saving.

So plan, practice and above all, hug those you love.

Need a Storytime length instead of a Laptime short? 
Add these to stretch out the time: 

Earthquack! by Margie Palatini
OPL Link 


Henny Penny by Vivian French, (OPL Link) or Paul Galdone (OPL Link)


Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley

OPL Link

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