Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coming soon . . .

Are you a visual learner?

Do you prefer having someone show you how to do something new or different?

Guess what . . .

We are working on producing video (YouTube) versions of our fingerplays, songs, and stories!

It's been a dream of mine for years and years. Now we have the ability to make it come to fruition.

From welcome and closing bits, to unique ways of gaining crowd control. From introducing new concepts to putting a new spin on the old tried and true. We will also be including tips and ideas, all highlighting our uber-talented storytelling volunteers.

Keep watching. There will be an index page with links.
New recordings will be made every few months, this will be an ongoing project.

p.s. we will take requests

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GrandmaGippy said...

Amy this sounds awesome! You started me to think of how great it would be to post my Baby Time rhymes/chants/songs/bounces on our library website, so parents could go and practice them outside of the library to do with their children.