Monday, January 11, 2016

Introducing . . . Amy's Hula Hoop Stories!

It was a perfect storm . . .

First, inspiration came via Susan M. Dailey's Boa Constrictor, then as I was working with a new children's staff employee, they got one of my exuberant tellings of how fun it is to do Laptimes and Storytimes --then (as my pre-teen daughter would aptly illustrate with a hip thrust, a snap, and a verbal 'Boom!')

I got it!

I could create my own
Hula Hoop Stories
to go with my favorite Action Plays

First came the idea for the Rocket Ship

I sketched out the ideas, made a supply list --based on a 67" hula hoop

Then went on a shopping trip

...and the project began, laying out, cutting, and a bit of applique


-Trace out the pattern on the back side of the fabric, then cut


-Cut the 'window' and start stitching on the pieces. I did a hand-stitched applique--the fabric is mighty slick and I found that doing it by hand was less stressful!


-For the clouds of steam, I stitched the perimeter, tucking the raw edges in as I went. the puffs are just manipulated folds of fabric held in place with individual stitches.


The flames were cut, machine sewn, then turned right-side out. Hand stitch to the rocket

-I hand stitched the blue background fabric up and over the silver to create a nice border, then using that seam as a guide, machine sewed the plastic window in. Tip: Cut the plastic down AFTER sewing, much easier and less hassle.

-Sew a 'back half' of the circle to the Rocket Ship 'front'
-Sew a pocket for the hula hoop -- if using a pre-made hula hoop, then sew the hoop inside the pocket as you go.
-If you make your own hoop (using sprinkler hose and a connector) you can sew the pocket, leaving a hole to thread the hose into the pocket. Connect with the hose connector and hand stitch the opening shut.

ONE -- and

If You Want to Take a Trip
Start with the hula hoop ship in a bunch on the floor, keep the center open and clear of fabric.

If you want to take a trip,
Climb aboard my rocket ship!
     Step into the ring of fabric
Five Four Three Two One
     Crouch down lower and lower as you count down
     Grab the hula hoop and lift up as you jump

After showing the kids, or even without doing it with yourself as the 'inside man', let a few kids take a turn being the astronaut.

Now we just need a reason to take a trip to Mars! What a blast it would be to have a gaggle of little Martian Munchkins running around for Storytime :) :)


I'll still add some  'rivets' (Silver Half Ball Cover Buttons), along with some stitched 'metal plate' lines, a USA and a Flag.


On the INSIDE of the hoop, behind the Rocket Ship, the next step is a WASHING MACHINE--it's a perfect match for the rocket's window :)

We are Clothes in the Washing Machine
- thanks Allison!

We are clothes in the washing machine
    -have a child or two step inside the hula hoop 'machine'
We wiggle and giggle until we are clean
     -wiggle and giggle away . . .
 Then our mama shakes us out to dry
    -there is a 'clothesline' inside the hoop --you unobtrusively direct the kids hold the rope when they are 'inside'
And hangs us on a clothesline high
    -LOWER the washing machine, instruct the kids to hold the rope up over their heads :)

AND -- I'm not done yet

There are TWO MORE SIDES!!!

Three Men in a Tub
A Witch's Cauldron

Just think of the ideas you could do with this, make the ocean look a bit like a rug, and you could pull in almost any bathtub adventure story. And the uses for a Witch's Cauldron ---are you kidding me? The ideas are simply . . . LIMITLESS!

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