Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Using Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination!

 . . .  or, maybe not

Can You Make a Scary Face? 
by Jan Thomas
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Well, it's very good to know that you all can make scary faces. I think they might come in handy . . .

You see, I like to use my imagination, I'm a librarian after all, I love reading--

Oh, I see here that someone else likes to use their imagination

Use Your Imagination
by Nicola O'Byrne
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(using the Hula Hoop Rocket Ship)


Bye-bye Wolf!

 ...AND Bananas! What happened to having bananas? 
Oh well.


Is someone's telephone ringing? NO?
Oh--it's coming from inside this book . . . 

The Viper
by Lisa Thiesing

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Oh dear, someone's imagination was running away with them, that Peggy, she was all worried for nothing.

But . . . What If . . .

What If?
by Frances Thomas

I know another little character that let his imagination run away with him  . . .

Jumpy Jack and Googily
by Meg Rosoff
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That Jumpy Jack and Googily, what a pair (of socks!--no no no) of friends they are.
Okay, are YOU ready for bed?
What? You're worried there might be a SOCK under the bed? 

What if . . . there was something a little worse than a sock?
What do you think your mama would do?

Goodnight Lulu
by Paulette Bogan

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Whew, I'm so glad that worked out so well for little Lulu --and those pigs!

But what if your mama's a MONSTER??!! 
What if YOU were the monsters?
(ha ha -- wink at the mama's in the audience!)

The Monster Bed
by Jeanne Willis
OPL Link

Dear me! Afraid of humans, what a silly little monster Dennis is.

Remember your scary faces? I think we're going to need them here . . .

Go Away Big Green Monster
by Lois Ehlert
 (felt story)

REVERSE and REMOVE the pieces,
and then it's . . .
"And don't come back, unless I say so!"

Show me that scary face--one more time
Whoops, that was WAY too scary -- I'm outta here :)

Thanks for coming to storytime, we'll see you next time--just no more scary faces!

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